Why use PORAAN Makeup?!

Did you know the basic ingredients in most of beauty products in the market consists of Lanolin (a waxy substance derived from animals like Sheep), Castor oil waxes (beeswax which is not plant based/vegan), and synthetic colors. 

In PORAAN Makeup products  we want you to achieve the best results in enhancing your beauty while being environmentally conscious. That's why all our products has natural derived ingredients, Vegan  , organic , non GMO, Paraben  Free And cruelty free. 
All of our products consists of the below basic natural Ingredients:
Lecithin (derived from sunflower)  

Hydrolyzed corn starch (when used in formulation, it increases the viscosity of the product)

Xanthan (an emulsifier to help water and oil-based ingredients bind together; to the best of our knowledge it is vegan),
Glyserin (Palm-Free organic vegetable oil; Glycerin is ethically and sustainably produced from non-GMO soybeans)
If you care about the environment you live as well as your own well being PORAAN is the right choice for you.