How to find the best shampoo and conditioner set?

September 15 2021 – Kash Behmardi

How to find the best shampoo and conditioner set?

How to find the best shampoo and conditioner set?

Choosing the right shampoo and conditioner is your first and most important step in caring for your hair. Because using the wrong shampoo and conditioner can make your hair look more lackluster and lifeless, worsening the scalp condition. 

The shampoo is for the scalp and roots, while the conditioner is for the hair ends. By design, shampoo is developed to cleanse your scalp and roots more than any other part of your hair. Remember to pick a shampoo that doesn't add to the issue when your scalp is dry, itchy, or flaky. If your hair has dry roots, you may need a more moisturizing and gentle cleansing shampoo. 

Conditioner is the immediate product you use after shampoo to hydrate your hair. You leave your hair exposed to more potential damage if you don't apply a conditioner after shampooing. Conditioner helps enhance the overall texture, feel, and appearance. A well-formulated conditioner rich in nourishing ingredients helps repair the damage, fight frizz, and reduce split ends, keeping hair healthy, shiny, and strong.


Understanding your shampoo and conditioner formulae is essential if you want to give some life to your hair strands and soothe your scalp. Consider PORAAN shampoo & conditioner set.  Learn how PORAAN shampoo & conditioner can benefit your hair, including their aptly selected ingredients that improve your hair and scalp health.

1. Gentle formulas- Organic & Vegan 

PORAAN shampoo and conditioner are organic and vegan, being gentle on both scalp and hair as well as for the environment. Therefore, they do not contain 'chemical nasties' such as sulfates (Ex. SLES, SLS), paraben that lead to stripping, causing dry hair and irritated scalp. Moreover, the formulae feature natural plant-derived ingredients only. 

PORAAN shampoo and conditioner combination delivers not only a gentle yet effective cleansing experience but also a clean and green lifestyle choice. 

 2. Hydrate hair and scalp

The shampoo plus its matching conditioner are heavy-duty hydrators. These pair include humectants like glycerin, provitamin B5 that lock in moisture in locks leaving hair and scalp hydrated. Replenishing moisture is a key for textured strands that needs a higher level of hydration.


3. Repair damaged hair, preventing split ends

The shampoo paired with the matching conditioner provides a noticeable silken effect on even severely damaged hair. Formulated with provitamin B5 and rice amino acid, formulas penetrate hair roots and shafts while repairing and strengthening damaged hair. Provitamin B5 also selectively deposits to damaged areas helping to prevent split ends.


4. Restores hair vitality

PORAAN shampoo and conditioner combination nourishes strands with no heaviness. With hemp seed oils, and vitamin E, both formulas improve shine and elasticity of the hair and soothe the scalp boosting overall scalp and hair health.

Hair is left fantastic — super soft, bouncy, and manageable.


5. Suitable for color-treated, chemically processed hair

PORAAN duo extends the life of your freshly colored hair, hitting the sweet spot for color-saving benefits. Moreover, they repair, restore, hydrate, and add shine for all hair types, especially hair that feels compromised by chemical processing and heat styling.

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